Bird Proof Pigeon Netting - Save Garden from Pigeons

Published: 23rd February 2011
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Pigeon netting is the most economical and easiest bird proof way to bird control. Pigeon netting is the most effective way to deal with pigeon problems. Only Pigeon netting can completely remove pigeons from an area where they are causing problems. Pigeon netting comes in sheets in various size netted opening that exclude bird from entering an area which has been netted off. The pigeon netting in combination with specialized fasteners, and tensioning will create a bid bird proof barrier that refrain pigeons to enter. Pigeon netting can remove pigeons from rafters, ceilings, roof eaves, and many other open spaces. Pigeon netting treats both residential and commercial pigeon problems quickly at a very economical price. It requires special tools and skills, which can only be found with a professional wildlife management company. The pigeon netting are available in black, stone or translucent, the black being the best at resisting U.V. light, flame retardant netting is also available.

Pigeons are birds and have a pleasant singing sound. They use home or office building as a place to build their nests. Its droppings not only appear nasty on everything but also cause diseases. In order to have bird proof pigeon control to get rid of birds, pigeon removal professional can be reached. Bird control specialist uses professional bird proof methods like bird spikes, bird repellent, bird wires, pigeon netting, and may also perform pigeon trapping, branch amputation, inhabitant's management etc. It is a very involved process and includes one or more of pigeon proofing solutions.

One bird proof way to keep birds away from the cherry orchard is to use bird nets. Bird nets can fit over a single row of dwarf or small cherry trees, helping protect the cherry harvest from being ravaged by hungry birds. Bird nets are made of polyethylene netting, according to Smart Net Systems. Smart Nets specializes in these crop protection nets and recommends using a full enclosure or overhead netting system for larger trees.

Bird netting has many bird proof benefits for cherry tree gardeners in addition to keeping away pests that threaten the harvest. According to Smart Net Systems, growers using a bird netting system can experience a 60 percent increase in cherry production. Trees covered by bird netting also have a tendency to grow larger individual cherries than unprotected trees.

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