Bird Spikes A Deadly Frightener Bird Proof

Published: 21st February 2011
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Birds are very simple creatures but can present some complex problems when nesting on a home. At that time the birds have become pest birds and nobody wants a pest bird. When birds are obviously becoming pests and many problems regarding their existence occur, it is clear that the problems need to be solved properly to prevent further damages in the future. Solving problems with pest birds such as pigeons, woodpeckers, starlings and crows which are very annoying and irritating all the time when they come in very large numbers should be prioritized by all homeowners and building owners. Each year building owners and homeowners spend countless hours and money cleaning up after and repairing the damage caused by pest birds. Not only are these problems unsightly; pest birds and their feces can spread 60 plus transmittable diseases.

Bird spikes are a non-toxic and humane bird proof way to control pigeons, as well as gulls and other large birds that perch on roofs and eaves. The bird spikes prevent birds from standing or nesting on ledges, beams, lights, chimneys, signs, window sills, and similar flat surfaces. When pigeons can't land on a flat surface, they will simply choose to go elsewhere, saving the cost of clean-up and preventing long-term damage to buildings, as well as minimizing the diseases that pigeons and other birds can bring.

Bird spikes come in bird proof stainless steel and plastic, in various widths to fit spaces, and in short lengths of one or two feet. Once installed, they'll continue to control bird pests for years.

Before installing bird proof bird spikes, people should walk around a structure at dusk and make note of all the places where birds are sitting. Birds can use surprising areas as perches, and a quick survey will give installers a better idea of where they need to place the bird spikes. Typically anything which protrudes from a building can and will be used as a perch, from ornamental molding above windows to poles used to hang signs and flags.

The bird proof spikes can be made from plastic or metal. Some companies design spikes especially for particular species, but any spikes will work, as long as they are too thin to support the weight of the birds, and close together enough to prevent the birds from fitting between the spikes to perch or nest. Many bird spikes come in a sunburst design which effectively protects a wide area from nesting birds. In addition to installing bird proof bird spikes, it is also a good idea to limit sources of food by controlling trash cans and making it clear that people should not feed birds in the vicinity of the problem areas.

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